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MAC PUBLICATIONS is dedicated to the expansion of classical guitar literature for all skill levels. Most of the selections in our catalog are not available on any other site so we recommend that you carefully peruse our catalog as we are sure you will find something that will meet your needs. Our solo guitar literature is primarily advanced. With classic forms and identifiable themes, this music utilizes rich harmonies and sparse dissonance for pleasant resolve. We are tonal advocates who believe that new music should be pleasing to the ear. MAC Publications' trio and quartet music is designed primarily for intermediate players (and some Beginning to Intermediate) without sacrificing depth of content. We also believe that music doesn't have to be difficult to be great. All levels of our literature is viable enough for the most advanced and established soloists and groups to perform and guaranteed to please the most critical players and audiences.

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Anthology of New Transcriptions and Arrangements Vol. I 27 PiecesM. A. Cruz (2007)
Intermediate to Advanced

Catalog MP115

Sonata K. 64 - D Scarlatti
Mark Anthony Cruz performs at Oklahoma City University on November 4th, 2010. This is Domenico Scarlatti's "Sonata K. 64."  "Sonata K. 64" is one of twenty-seven pieces within Cruz's Anthology of New Transcriptions and Arrangements, Vol. II. 
This book is a gathering of work not previously available for solo guitar. Many of these pieces were taken from a variety of instrument anthologies and transcribed for the expansion of guitar literature. There are also new takes on some existing guitar compositions and transcriptions. 

image coverBachlava M. A. Cruz (2007)

Price: $10.00
Catalog MP113
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Lively and humorous, this piece is intended to be performed as an encore and is a fun tribute to the work of J. S. Bach.

Named after the Middle Eastern dessert "Baklava," this piece is recommended to be played as an encore for its lively qualities and playful manner.The replacement of the first syllable with the name Bach gives the artist license to include several thematic quotes (only five to be exact, so to not overindulge the idea). This piece pays tribute to Cruz’s favorite composer in a tongue-in-cheek composition of original content vs. existing themes, the winner clearly being the honored subject of this dazzling homage.

Dichotomy Two Movements – M. A. Cruz (2012)

Catalog MP120

Dichotomy No. 2 Two Movements – M. A. Cruz (2014)

Catalog MP123

DivertimentoDivertimento Four Movements – M. A. Cruz (2006)
Intermediate to Advanced

Catalog MP110
   I. Rondo
  II. Sonata
  III. Air
  IV. Capriccio

This four-movement work was composed with a light Baroque feel. In the second movement, the composer shadows Scarlatti in style and form. Contents of the opening piece was used to create all subsequent movements for unification.

DivertimentoFive Pieces in C (Pintura Familia) – M. A. Cruz (2010)
Intermediate to Advanced

Price: $10.00
Catalog MP118
Five Pieces in C (Pintura Familia) - M. A. Cruz (2010)
   I. Paco’s Lament
  II. Karla Kristene
 III. Katherine
  IV. Zachary
   V. Self Portrait

A musical depiction of Cruz’s family, this piece is beautiful throughout and is uniform by the transfer of like material and progressions distributed between the movements.

Fuego y LluviaFuego y Lluvia Two Movements – M. A. Cruz (2004)
Intermediate to Advanced

Price: $10.00
Catalog MP108
This is a two movement work that reverses the convention of the expected tempo setting, slow-fast. Engaging a single repeated right-hand arpeggio through the first piece, Fuego (Presto) is an ominous musical depiction of a small flame that slowly builds into a raging fire. The slow second movement, Rain (Solemno), is a beautiful contrasting piece reminiscent of the music of Tárrega and is intended to juxtapose the tumultuous opening movement. Fuego y Lluvia was composed in early 2004 to be included on Cruz's all-original, PEQUEÑAS PIEZAS PARA MI PADRE CD.

Hymnody Vol. I 12 pieces – M. A. Cruz (2000)

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP102
Hymnody I
All selections are stylized and developed to offer classical interpretations of these wonderful old tunes. These arrangements use a variety of composition devices intended to give the guitarist a widerange of expression and ongoing musical interest. Much of the work uses variations or variation-like approaches incorporating harmonic, melodic and stylistic differences rather than repeated harmonic foundations. A complete recording of these arrangements are available on CD (See this at Mark Anthony Cruz's recordings on HYMNODY VOLUME I

  1. All Creatures of Our God and King
  2. Christ, the Lord is Risen Today
  3. Be Thou My Vision
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Praise to The Lord, The Almighty
  6. Holy, Holy, Holy
  7. How Great Thou Art
  8. Softly and Tenderly
  9. A Mighty Fortress is Our God
10. Great is Thy Faithfulness
11. Just As I Am
12. Doxology

Hymnody Vol. II M. A. Cruz (2002)

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP103
An extension of Hymnody, Hymnody Volume II proves that new ideas are not intangible. Echo effects, Irish influence, variations, Spanish rasgueados, snare drum emulation, imitative writing and Travis picking all contribute to this well rounded collection of hymn arrangements for solo guitar. A complete recording of these arrangements are available on CD (See this at Mark Anthony Cruz's recordings on HYMNODY VOLUME II.
Hymnody II

 1. Morning Has Broken
 2 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
 3. God Our Father, We Adore Thee
 4. In The Garden
 5. Theme and Variations on Fairest Lord Jesus
 6. It is Well With My Soul
 7. Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus
 8. Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
 9. Battle Hymn of The Republic
10. Crown Him With Many Crowns
11. Rejoice, The Lord is King
12. Come, Thou Almighty King

Introduction and FantasieIntroduction and Fantasie on a Five Note Ostinato M. A. Cruz (2007)

Catalog MP111
Rock influence finds its way into this composition of perpetual motion, and with close attention to detail, one may detect a hint of Pink Floyd. After a bold introduction, this piece takes off into a quick pentatonic ostinato which functions as the subject of development throughout the work and is also the foundation to a lyrical descant which hovers above this strong minimal hook. Welcome to the Machine!

Las Lunas de Marte Two Movements M. A. Cruz (2016)

Catalog MP125

Lament – M. A. Cruz (2011)

Catalog MP121

Nashville Collection 4 Pieces – M. A. Cruz (1997)

Catalog MP119
Nashville Collection
M. A. Cruz (1997)

 I. Union Station
 II. Centennial Park
III. Nashville Jam
 IV. Johnson’s Jig

Fingerstyle classical guitar music! These pieces were inspired by the great Australian guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel. All four movements of this collection are challenging, exciting and well developed pieces composed in a variety of styles ranging from travis-picking to funk. Guaranteed to please your audience!

Pequeñas Piezas para Mi Padre 12 Pieces – M. A. Cruz

Price: $15.00
Catalog MP101
A tribute to Cruz's father (Manuel Cruz), each piece in Pequeñas Piezas is attributed to something from his father's life. Florinda, Magdalena, and Nona, are his sisters. Plomotor was a stray cat he adopted. Dos Cantantes (two singers). Alvarado, Manuel's uncle, was the first of his family to come to the United States and brought Manuel on September 10th, 1944. Herminia, Manuel's mother. Danza para Amparo (Dance for Amparo) is named for the mother of his six children. Jardin de Cacto (The Cactus Garden). Socorro, Manuel's soul mate and kindred spirit. Matehuala, Manuel's home town in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Finally, Triste was titled after his passing.
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Title Collection to Cruz’s 2004 CD

 1. Florinda
 2. Magdalena
 3. Triste  4. Plomotor
 5. Jardin de Cacto
 6. Socorro
 7. Danza para Amparo
 8. Herminia
 9. Alvarado
10. Dos Cantantes
11. Nona
12. Matehuala

The Portal – M. A. Cruz (2006)

Catalog MP109
The Portal
This is a challenging and lengthy two movement piece. The first movement of this diptych was featured in volume XXXII Nos. 3-4 of the 2007 Soundboard Magazine issue and is available here in its entirety.


Often we encounter metaphorical doors which, once passed through, can drastically change our lives. Such encounters require a great deal of thought and “questioning” before the threshold into the unknown is crossed.

Once the unknown is revealed we experience growth as a result of decisiveness. With this, we are “enlightened”, and it is wonderful to know that opportunity for growth is always beyond the next “portal”.

The first movement, Questioning, is a modest fantasy/ternary piece loosely based on a short six note motive extracted from Roland Dyens’ Saudade No. 3. To invoke an air of uncertainty, the composer uses angular movements, change of feel, space and a constant shifting of tonal center.

The second movement, Enlightened, begins with an eighteen bar introduction which rather than establishing the key to present the theme in tonic, modulates to the dominant, placing the presentation of the theme in the dominant key right away. Following the theme in the dominant, incidental material modulates the piece again to present the B section in the mediant key. The return of the main theme is placed in the tonic key. Episodic material gives way to a version of the theme in the minor-subdominant key while more episodic material returns the piece back to its original key of E major for a hearing of a condensed introduction. This return puts the theme back in the dominant followed by a coda placing the theme in tonic with a new melodic and harmonic foundation for the closing material. An overview of the key structure reveals the outline of a basic major triad followed by the simplest of progressions: V -III -I -iv -V -I .

Triduum Three Movements – M. A. Cruz (2013)

Catalog MP122
"Resurrection" from Triduum
Guitar Solo by M. A. Cruz
This is the 3rd movement from a collection of three pieces called "Triduum." It was commissioned on Easter Sunday of 2013 by Brett Floyd, a then DMA student at the University of South Carolina.

Six Contrapuntal Etudes – M. A. Cruz (2009)

Catalog MP116
Six Contrapuntal Etudes
 Contrapuntal Etude No. 1

 Contrapuntal Etude No. 2

 Contrapuntal Etude No. 6
This set of six pieces may be best described as a collection of baroque-inspired works which explore lessons in the various species of counterpoint. While each etude was designed with a specific species in mind, this variety of species is dispersed freely throughout the collection.

Sixty Short Reading Exercises, Studies and Pieces – M. A. Cruz (2001)
Beginning to Intermediate

Catalog MP105
Designed for developing reading skills and basic techniques in classical guitar. Concise pieces build confidence in students through the presentation of small challenges. This booklet also contains slightly more difficult pieces for intermediate players.

Suite in E MinorSuite in E Minor – M. A. Cruz (2003)

Catalog MP106
  I. Prelude
 II. Allemande
III. Courante
 IV. Sarabande
  V. Bouree
 VI. Gigue

Six stylized baroque dances make up this small but sincere collection. It incorporates the typical movements of a suite not unlike Visée or Bach and successfully delivers the quality of work expected from such composers. A complete recording of this collection is available on CD (see recordings

Tres Momentos Modernos Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP107
Tres Momento

Publication's Style: Soft Cover
Pages: 3
General Description: Contemporary Guitar Solo

Tribute in D minor to three contemporary Jazz Guitarists – M. A. Cruz (2007)

Catalog MP112
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TRIBUTE in D MINOR (to 3 contemporary jazz guitarists)
  I. Stern
 II. Metheny
III. Scofield

These three modern but tonal works pay tribute to Mike Stern, Pat Metheny and John Scofield. This collection utilizes groove oriented pallets, Metheny-esque style writing and mixed meter, all using a jazz harmonic vocabulary within a classical style. Very cool!

Trilogy for Guitar Three Movements – M. A. Cruz (1989)

Catalog MP112
Trilogy for Guitar
  I. Allegretto
 II. Dolce
III. Presto con Spiritoso

This piece (not to be confused with Triptych, Triptych No. 2 or Triptych No. 3) was originally published by FLP Music Publishing and it is Cruz’s first ambitious work for solo guitar. It was composed while he was still an undergraduate student at OCU for his composition class. This work was awarded 2nd place in the First Annual (national) Composition Contest for Solo Guitar, University of Arizona , 1989.

Triptych No. 1Three Movements – M. A. Cruz (2001)

Price: $10.00
Catalog MP126
I. Real de Catorce
II. Vínculacion
III. San Miguel de Allende

This piece was embraced by guitar virtuoso Adam Holzman and performed throughout the world in his most capable hands. A complete recording of this composition is available on CD.
View recordings to listen.

Triptych is a musical journey through two small cities in Mexico. The work is Spanish in flavor, influenced by the past and present culture and topography of this beautiful country. It is reflective more than programmatic, serving as a living memory for the composer and a testimony to those who might perform it or hear it.

The first movement, Real de Catorce, was named after and inspired by the history of an old silver mining village in the mountains of the state of San Luis Potosi. The origin for the name of the town stems from a time when silver production was thriving.A stage coach would frequently deliver shipments of silver coins to the city of San Luis Potosi, but was often ambushed by fourteen thieves. Hence the name Real de Catorce meaning The Royal Fourteen.

The middle movement Vínculacion takes its name from the Spanish word for liaison, representing the largely picturesque and panoramic scenery during the course of travel between the two sites represented in this collection.

The city of San Miguel de Allende (portrayed in the third movement) is a place of rare beauty. It has all the charm and character of a quaint Spanish village.Though the city is quite progressive, it still maintains an antiquity theme within all its new architecture. To capture the spirit of San Miguel de Allende, the composer has chosen a typically Spanish chord progression as the foundation to this piece in rondo form.

Triptych No. 2 Three Movements
M. A. Cruz (2007)

Catalog MP114
Mark Anthony Cruz performs his original composition, Esperanza, at Oklahoma City University on November 4th, 2010. Esperanza is one of three piece under the title, Triptych No. 2 (there is a post of all three movements from another performance). The collection was composed for 16 year-old guitarist Thales Smith.
  I. Esperanza
 II. Vínculacion
III. Fandanguillo

Missing from the original Triptych but present in this “sequel” are introductions for the first and third movements. Infectious modulations give the closing piece a strong polarization back to the tonic key (also not present in the third movement of the first Triptych). Bold themes and creative development make this Triptych just as impressive as the first!

 Fandanguillo by M. A Cruz

Triptych No. 3 Three Movements
M. A. Cruz (2009)

Catalog MP117

     I. Mérida
    II. Vínculacion
   III. Tula

The first movement of this Triptych is one of Cruz’s favorite pieces -so much so that he arranged it for both guitar trio and quartet. This first movement was originally composed as a stand-alone piece in 2003 but Cruz felt that it deserved to be part of a larger collection. Thus, the third Triptych was born. Like the two preceding triptychs, this one uses a vínculacion to bridge the outer two movements. Tula was favored by Cruz enough to generate a duet version of the piece.

Triptych No. 4 Three Movements – M. A. Cruz (2015)

Catalog MP124

Zachary's Welcome – M. A. Cruz (2003)

Catalog MP100

Introspective and searching through meter changes, seconds, extended and quartile harmony , this piece soon unfolds into a lyrical pleasantry fulfilling the musical promises presented within the introduction. A complete recording of this composition is available on CD (see recordings).

Zachary's Welcome was written in honor of the arrival of Cruz's son Zachary Michael who was born on December 21st, 2002. Driven to commemorate this great event, Cruz composed this fanfare on a quiet guitar rather than noisy trumpets.

Recorded early in 2004, this piece is included on Cruz's compact disc, Pequeñas Piezas Para Mi Padre. This edition, however, is not exactly as recorded. During the "engraving", inner voices were added in measures forty-one through forty-three. A close observation of measures forty through forty-two will reveal an indirect quote from Torroba'sTuregano from his Castles of Spain collection.

   works for 2 guitars
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– M. A. Cruz

Price: $8.00
Catalog MP203

Tempus Fugit Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2009)

Price: $15.00
Catalog MP201
Tempus Fugit for 2 Guitars — M. A. Cruz
Tempus Fugit was composed for two guitars by Mark Anthony Cruz for the Hanser/McClellan guitar duo. In this recording, both parts were played by the composer.

Tempus Fugit is the Latin expression commonly translated as “time flies”. It is with this idea that “Tempus Fugit” bares the tempo marking “vivace” to represent the fleeting of irretrievable time that we all experience at any given moment - especially of moments with little relevence to what we consider important.

This work was inspired by the request of the Hanser/McClellan duo.

TulaTula Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2009)

Price: $15.00
Catalog MP202

Tula is the Mexican city considered to be the legendary site of the Toltec empire that ruled from around 900 to 1100 A. D. Then, the city was called Tollan. It is the home of the Toltec columns also known as Atlantean Warrior Statues which stand atop a terraced pyramid as if keeping a watchful eye on the city. The beautiful aesthetics, strength and size of these statues are the inspiration for this composition which was originally written for solo guitar and arranged for two guitars by the composer.
   works for 3 guitars
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Andante Cantabile Score and Parts – A. Diabelli

Catalog MP306
Diabelli is a composer not often found in most programs and should not be overlooked as often as he is! This wonderful guitar trio arrangement was originally a solo piece and well suited for a natural division into three voices. Stylistically correct embellishments even out the level of each part.

Esperanza from Triptych No. 2, Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP311

Guitar Trio Anthology, Volume I
One and Two Page Scores
Final Piece is Three Pages

Catalog MP309
These twelve wonderful arrangements are perfect for the next step in your student's performance experience. This anthology functions as great "gig" literature as the two-page scores never require a page turn!

Preludio (Corelli)
Mabelita (Barrios) Menuet (Handel)
Affettuoso (Vivaldi)
Andante (Haydn)
Gavotta (Ponce/ A. Scarlatti)
Andante (Beethoven)
Allemande (Rameau)
Courante (Rameau)
Sonata K. 64 (L. 58) (D. Scarlatti)
White Christmas (Berlin)
March of the Toys (Herbert)

 Sonata K. 64 (L. 58) (D. Scarlatti)

Guitar Trio Anthology, Volume II
20 Pieces, Various Composers

Catalog MP310
This anthology contains several easy pieces to give your beginning students their first taste of ensemble cooperation while learning the basics of playing the guitar. It also contains slightly more challenging pieces as a foresight to its Guitar Trio companion (Guitar Trio Anthology, Volume I).
Andante (Cruz)
Waltz (Cruz)
Theme from 1st Symphony (Brahms)
Divisions (Cruz)
Andante (Sor)
Larghetto (Sor)
Chanson (Cruz)
Grave (Murcia)
Spiritoso (Cruz)Sarabande (Cruz)
Allegro (Cruz)
Prelude No. 20 (Chopin)
Promenade (Mertz)
Minueto en Do (Barrios)
Largo (Telemann)
Andantino (Giuliani)
Greensleeves (Anonymous)
Variations on Folias D'España (Cruz)
Minuet (Schubert)
Bist du Bei Mir (Bach)

Larghetto and Allegro
Score and Parts – W. A. Mozart

Catalog MP300
view sample
Translation to three guitars from its original intended medium of three basset horns is perhaps, agift from the guitar ensemble gods. This is a most sublime composition and must be shared withguitarists everywhere!

Mérida (3 guitars) Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2004)
Intermediate to Advanced

Catalog MP303

Minuet and Trio Three Page Score – M. A. Cruz (2005)

Catalog MP304
Minuet and Trio

A delightful and lighthearted classical style piece offering plenty of activity in all parts. Challenging for medium level players and lengthy by the nature of its form.

New Settings for Three Classic Hymns
Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (200))

Catalog MP302
     view sample

  I. Lasst Uns Erfreuen (All Creatures of Our God and King)
 II. Darwall (Rejoice, The Lord is King)
III. Lobe Den Herren (Praise to The Lord, The Almighty)

  Darwall – M. A. Cruz
Lobe Den Herren as Interpreted for 3 Guitars
M. A. Cruz
These larger arrangements contain creative new solutions for the old Hymns. They are stylized and highly developed for interest with unexpected dissonance and re-harmonizations. The final movement is an outstanding arrangement and undeniably appropriate to close this most impressive set.

Prism Score and Parts M. A. Cruz (2004)

Catalog MP312

Real de Catorce
Real de Catorce (from Triptych) Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2001)

Catalog MP305

Inspired by a visit to a small town in Mexico, this Spanish style work was originally written for solo guitar and arranged for guitar trio by the composer with the interjection of new lines and harmonies not included in the solo score

Real de Catorce — M. A. Cruz

Swarm Score and Parts M. A. Cruz (2014)
Intermediate to Advanced

Catalog MP315

Symphonette in C Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2007)

Catalog MP308
view sample

Four movements of fun and energetic pieces written in the tradition of old-world composers with form and balance. The ideal composition to beef up the best of any trio program.

I. Fantasia
II. Rondo
III. Serenade
IV. Finale

   Finale by Mark Anthony Cruz (from Symphonette in C)
Symphonette in C is a neo-classic or pastiche composition in four movements composed for 3 guitars. Finale is the last movement of this collection. All parts are performed by the composer.

    II. Fantasia


Symphonette in C began as a sight-reading exercise for guitar trio, hence, the simplicity in the two middle movements. The two outer movements were quickly added to fulfill the potential for a collection. In addition to it’s contrapuntal quality and large repeat of the subject and development, movement one concludes with a renaissance ending in the dominant key. The final movement uses techniques and rhythmic material from each of the preceding movements and introduces a fourth and fifth voice within the last five measures for a well rounded conclusion. The composer suggests that the Fantasia, Rondo and Finale be performed with brisk tempos, while the Serenade opposes the others with a moderately slow, lyrical approach.


Variations on a Saraband by Handel Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP314

Three Vignettes Two Pages Per Movement – M. A. Cruz (2006)
Beginning to Intermediate

Catalog MP307

Two pages per movement.

The third Vignette of this modest collection is a wonderful and challenging conclusion to this primarily sight-readable set (Vignettes I and II). Intended for students.

Two Minuetti Score and Parts – J. P. Rameau

Catalog MP301
As one of the forefathers of today’s music theory system, Rameau secured his place in history by not just his academic achievements, but also by his creative achievements. Segovia selected this string composition to transcribe for solo guitar and is now available for guitar trio.

We Three Kings Score and Parts – Anon/Cruz

Price: $15.00
Catalog MP313

   works for 4 guitars
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Agitato and Departure Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz
Intermediate to Advanced

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP422
Agitato and Departure by M. A. Cruz

The first two minutes of this piece rallies around a whole-tone mode, which to the composer, has a very “agitated” sound, especially with the way the guitars rhythmically interchange. In order to ease the listener’s tension from the mechanistic opening, the piece suddenly “departs” into pure diatonic writing within the five sharps originally presented.

The piece shifts gears again with the introduction of a new theme as the subject of a contrapuntal section and then this subject returns again over a homophonic texture.

A slow section (Lyrico) is inserted and taken from a very early solo piece by the composer and adapted here for four guitars. The two excerpts from this solo material fit perfectly within this new quartet as the theme from this music is also an ascending whole-tone scale just as the opening “agitato.” An inversion of this theme makes for a nice transition back to the beginning.

The piece ends with a coda. The final chord is the only “obvious” one chord (or B major chord) throughout the entire piece in regard to the original key.

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, by Handel Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP428

Awaken Score and Parts M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP419
Awaken – M. A. Cruz (for Guitar Quartet)
Awaken was commissioned in 2009 by the Classical Minds Guitar Festival for their adult ensemble participants. Valerie Hartzell, director.

Fandango Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP425
Fandango – M. A. Cruz

Fandango was composed for four guitars in 2011 by Mark Anthony Cruz and dedicated to the Texas Guitar Quartet. All parts in this recording were played by the composer.

Gravity Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP427

Guitar Quartet Anthology Vol. I 10 Pieces, Various Composers

Catalog MP426
view sample
  Preludio Page Score (A. Corelli)
Gorgeous! This beautiful and lyrical Baroque piece allows the guitar to sing through angular melodies and imitation (both literal and offset by a third). Slow and simple, yet profound.
    Air, from Watermusck (Handel)
    Awake Sweet Love (Dowland)
    Canzonetta (Hollaender)
view sample
  Coranto (Byrd)
view sample
A Cortesia do Principezino (Villa-Lobos)
view sample
  Queen Elizabeth's Galliard – Score and Parts (J. Dowland )
This arrangement is a must for students who are rhythmically challenged and in need of a good dose of counting while simultaneously familiarizing themselves with a standard of the solo guitar repertoire through a group setting.
    Rain (Cruz)
    Dulcinea (Cruz)
Expansion on Study No. 5 by Carcassi (Cruz)

Guitar Quartet Anthology Vol. II 10 Pieces, Various Composers

Catalog MP430

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Score and Parts – Martin and Blane
Catalog MP431

La Cumbre Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP423
La Cumbre— by M. A. Cruz

November Blues Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP429
November Blues – for Guitar Quartet
M. A. Cruz

Swings of Mood Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP424
Swings of Mood by M. A. Cruz
Swings of Mood is a guitar quartet composed in early January of 2011 for submission to the composition competition hosted by the Austin Classical Guitar Society. This piece placed first and was premiered by approximately 90 guitarists before an international concert. All parts in this recording were played by the composer.

Ceviche Circus Score and Parts – E. M. Cruz (Composed in 2006 / Arranged by M. A. Cruz in 2010)

Catalog MP420
This piece was composed by Edgar Cruz who is best known for his solo guitar transcription of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Edgar began composing as a departure from his world of transcribing popular music for solo guitar. A wonderful result of this endeavor, Ceviche Circus, is a fun, melodious, medium paced Latin-fused-with-reggae composition. Originally for solo guitar, it was arranged for four guitars by his brother, Mark. Very well written!

Danza Española No. 3, E. Granados
Score and Parts - M. A. Cruz

Catalog MP417
Danza Espanola by M. A. Cruz

Elegy for the Victims of Katrina
Score and Parts– M. A. Cruz (2006)
Beginning to Intermediate

Catalog MP407
A sublime homage for a tragic event. Perfect for the contrast of a slower piece within a program of uptempo works. It is the Adagio for Strings of the guitar!

El Payaso Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2006)

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP408
   El Payaso by M. A. Cruz
A work composed in a Spanish/Classical style. This is a programmatic piece in E major exhibiting strong thematic material influenced by Torroba, Bach, and Jenkins. It is also the 1st prize composition of the Austin Classical Guitar Society sponsored 2006 Guitars Galore composition competition.

   El Payaso [audio only]

Exchanges Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2007)

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP413
view sample


There is plenty of interplay in this work as the title implies. In two sharps, the introduction rallies around an A11 chord suggesting a resolution to D major for the thematic material, but deceptively surprises the ear with the relative minor mode and a flourishing musical conversation between the instruments. It is also the 1st prize composition of the Austin Classical Guitar Society sponsored 2008 Guitars Galore composition competition.

Fugue in G minor K. 401 Score and Parts – W. A. Mozart
Intermediate to Advanced

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP404
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Fugue in G minor K. 401
Unfinished by Mozart and completed by Maximilian Stadler, this transcription is a compelling and challenging Fugue by one of the greatest composers the world has ever known.

Kyrie Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Price: $12.00
Catalog MP415

Menuett from Symphony in C, KV 55, Score and Parts – W. A. Mozart

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP406

This delightful work fulfills the need for the inclusion of a traditional piece on any guitar ensemble program. Medium tempo and homophonic with some contrapuntal passages as only Mozart can do. Charming!


Mérida (4 gtrs) Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2004)
Intermediate to Advanced

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP405

Mérida by M. A. Cruz
This is a beautiful Spanish style work originally written for solo guitar and arranged for four guitars by the composer.

Muñeira from Suite Compostellana, F. Mompou (Score and Parts)
Beginning to Intermediate

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP411
One of the most amazing modern guitar solos is now available for four guitars. The separation of voices from solo to quartet will give the players an experience of expeditious success. When played briskly (as it should be), this arrangement is most impressive.

Pablito Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz
Beginning to Intermediate

Price: $15.00
Catalog MP418
Pablito for Four Guitars by M. A. Cruz

Prism Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2006)
Intermediate to Advanced

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP412
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Prism A Guitar Quartet by M. A. Cruz
Prism has a potpourri of influences from jazz to Bach. It contains a spectrum of color, style and composition devices with its key layout in arch form. Very effective and always an audience favorite!
During it’s inception, Prism was titled after listening to an NPR radio show which featured a therapist by the name of Dr. Dan Gottlieb, who treats Quadriplegic patients. He mentioned that one of his patients viewed her soul as “a prism of many colors...”, a vivid analogy of one’s inner self.  It is interesting to know that Dr. Gottlieb is himself a quadriplegic and it is amazing to think that someone facing such great adversity through his life is helping others who are experiencing the same challenges.

The title, Prism, is appropriate as this piece is made up of a variety of textures (colors, if you will).  The theme, which is inspired by jazz idioms, is coupled with the pizzicato effect. A reduction to one guitar morphs the piece into a contrapuntal episode inspired by Bach. This section leads into dramatic new material which was originally intended to be developmental but inadvertently, by it’s strength, became the C section. This is followed by hymn style writing in a much slower and lyrical setting. A duo is introduced midway through the hymn portion of the piece and joined by the other two guitars to bring the work back to it’s original, quick, tempo and theme in the dominant key. This is followed by the return of the C section and concludes with a coda for new material based on existing content. The coda yields to the inevitable return to the home key.

The strength of this work rests on the foundation of a symmetrical key structure. The piece opens with A minor, it then modulates to E minor, then to E major, back to E minor, and finally, returns to A minor, creating an arch form.

Spaces Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz

Price: $18.00
Catalog MP416


What Would Michael Kelsey Do? Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz (2007)
Price: $18.00
Catalog MP414
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A fusion of funk, rock, jazz and classical for the guitarist full of angst yearning for something cool to play with his classical guitarist colleagues. Guaranteed to entertain your audience!

  What Would Michael Kelsey Do?
My brother, Edgar, asked me to go on a “six shows in five days” tour in September of 2007. The tour was called, “The Edgar Cruz Guitar Forum” which included myself, Richard Smith (from England, now residing in Nashville), and an acoustic guitarist named Michael Kelsey, whom I had never heard of.

Our first show was at TSU-San Marcos (TX). Having just joined together as a group for the first time only two hours prior to show time, we were discussing how we would go about formatting the show. We would each play a 20 minute solo set and at the end, play together on a pair of pieces closing with Sweet Georgia Brown.

I opened the show and had the pleasure of listening to the others after I was finished. Curious to hear Michael Kelsey, he came out with his long curly hair and acoustic guitar, playing a style of music I can only describe as “nuclear acoustic.”He played primarily original music. Much of it was percussive and very funky, hitting anything within arms reach for effect and entertainment value. This guy was crazy! We became good friends.

I composed this piece for submission into the 2008 ACGS composition competition but didn’t want it to sound like my winning entries from the two previous years (which were all composed in a more traditional style). So I asked myself, “What Would Michael Kelsey Do?.” Not only did I think that would be a great and unique title but it challenged me to think like Michael Kelsey to create a guitar quartet unlike any I had composed in the past. Did it win? No. But I submitted two pieces that year. My other piece, Exchanges, was the winning composition for its more traditional qualities. What Would Michael Kelsey Do? was too radical.
   works for 5 guitars
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Canarios Score and Parts – Sanz/Cruz (2012)

Catalog MP502
Canarios by  Gaspar Sanz
as Interpreted by M. A. Cruz [for five guitars]
This is a composition for five guitars based on the popular baroque guitar piece by Gaspar Sanz. This expansion and performance is by Mark Anthony Cruz.

Lasst Uns Erfreuen Anon/Cruz
Catalog MP501

NettletonNettleton Score and Parts – Anonymous
Beginning to Intermediate

Catalog MP500


Nettleton is the tune name for this popular hymn better known as Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. This five guitar arrangement is rich in harmony and drenched in elegant beauty.

Rain Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz
Catalog MP503
   works for guitar & other instruments
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Concertino Principessa Bb trump. & GQ, Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz
Catalog MP603

Concertino Principessa C inst.& GQ, Score and Parts – M. A. Cruz
Catalog MP604

   guitar and celeste
Comitatus Two Identical Scores, No Parts – M. A. Cruz (1991)

Price: $8.00
Catalog FLP1GC

Like his Trilogy for Guitar, Comitatus is the result of an undergraduate class assignment and the second composition penned by Cruz that was published by FLP Music Publishing. The guitar andceleste combination produces a wonderful sound and is a rare medium in guitar literature. This is a modern work materialized by the expectations of an inspiring music professor.
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by Mark Anthony Cruz
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HYMNODY VOL. I  (Sacred Solo Guitar) $15.00

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FUZZ (Original Contemporary Jazz – Electric and Acoustic Guitar with Combo) $15.00


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